The most durable USA based supply chain the world with 180 years of manufacturing expertise and a commitment to environmental wellness: Innovation +sustainability, inclusivity, community + craft.
The responsibility and viability of modern trade and manufacturing means scalability through technological growth, quality domestically sourced raw materials, local trade job development and philanthropy to achieve social impact enhancing the quality of life in our communities.

Merrow began as a general store in 1838 and developed over 183 years into 7 companies including design + build makers of soft goods. 

Today Merrow is owned and operated by Owen and Charlie Merrow, 8th generation members of the Merrow family with diverse manufacturing interests and headquarters on the six-acre Merrow campus in downtown Fall River, MA.

Merrow’s major divisions are: manufacturing, branding, medical and wholesale parts & equipment. Today, the merrow manufacturing division is known for developing and building apparel, gear and instrumental soft goods.
In 2017 and 2018 Merrow was awarded manufacturer of the year in the state of MA, the 2018 mass inc gateway city innovation award, the 2017 constellation supernova award for technology innovation, the 2019 cornerstone entrepreneur award from Bristol Community College and is one of the fastest growing companies in Massachusetts.

Most recently merrow has been recognized by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and the state of MA and RI for leadership and investment in the medical supply chain.

Learn more at https://www.merrowmfg.com/

We build beautiful things, and create jobs in the United States developing, designing and building soft goods. Driven by craft and art,  Merrow's state of the art knitwear is beautifully detailed in premium materials and 100% made here in our home on Buzzard Bay.