The most durable USA based supply chain the world with 180 years of manufacturing expertise and a commitment to environmental wellness: Innovation +sustainability, inclusivity, community + craft.
The responsibility and viability of modern trade and manufacturing means scalability through technological growth, quality domestically sourced raw materials, local trade job development and philanthropy to achieve social impact enhancing the quality of life in our communities.

Merrow began as a general store in 1838 and developed over 183 years into 7 companies including design + build makers of soft goods. 

Today Merrow is owned and operated by Owen and Charlie Merrow, 8th generation members of the Merrow family with diverse manufacturing interests and headquarters on the six-acre Merrow campus in downtown Fall River, MA.

Merrow’s major divisions are: manufacturing, branding, medical and wholesale parts & equipment. Today, the merrow manufacturing division is known for developing and building apparel, gear and instrumental soft goods.
In 2017 and 2018 Merrow was awarded manufacturer of the year in the state of MA, the 2018 mass inc gateway city innovation award, the 2017 constellation supernova award for technology innovation, the 2019 cornerstone entrepreneur award from Bristol Community College and is one of the fastest growing companies in Massachusetts.

Most recently merrow has been recognized by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and the state of MA and RI for leadership and investment in the medical supply chain.

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At Merrow Knits, we are a proud division of the larger Merrow family, rooted in the historic city of Fall River, MA. Merrow invests in the power of soft goods – we imagine, design, and craft each product we offer, offering an unwavering guarantee in every thread. 

We design and build every product offered at Merrow Knits - made in Fall River, MA.

Owned and led by Owen and Charlie Merrow, the 8th generation custodians of this legacy, the Merrow Group Companies stand as a beacon of family tradition combined with diversified modern manufacturing. Our sprawling six-acre campus in downtown Fall River is a testament to our expansive operations, encompassing Manufacturing, Brands, Medical, and Wholesale parts & equipment divisions.

Our accolades mirror our journey. Recognized as the manufacturer of the year in MA for 2017 and 2018, our shelf boasts the 2018 MassINC Gateway City Innovation Award, the 2017 Constellation Supernova award for tech innovation, and the 2019 Cornerstone Entrepreneur Award from Bristol Community College. We’ve been growing rapidly, with endorsements from titans like Forbes, the WSJ, and recognition for our medical supply chain contributions by the states of MA and RI.

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History of the Merrow Company: A Timeline

1838: Joseph M. Merrow is born. Originally part of the firearms trade and later venturing into knitting machines, his endeavors laid the groundwork for what would become a historic textile company.

1843: The Merrow Company, originally involved in gunpowder manufacturing in Connecticut, plants its roots as a pioneer in the textile industry, eventually shifting gears to revolutionize the fabric world.

1877: The company begins its foray into developing crochet sewing machines. This innovation revolutionized textile craftsmanship, opening doors to an array of fabric products.

1881: A devastating fire engulfs Joseph Merrow's factory. Displaying resilience, he rebuilds and steers the company towards the development of industrial overlock sewing machines.

1887: The Merrow Machine Company is officially incorporated, gaining traction and reputation both nationally and internationally over the subsequent years.

1900s: With its innovative technology, Merrow stamps its mark as an industry standard, catering to a plethora of products from undergarments to hats.

1932: Despite a change in leadership, with control moving away from the Merrow family, the company stays resilient, adapting and thriving amidst a changing textile backdrop.

1960s: Facing intense global competition, Merrow pushes technological boundaries, ensuring it remains the foremost choice for quality sewing.

1980s: The term "merrowed" edge becomes ubiquitous in the industry, a testament to the brand's dominance and innovation in sewing technology.

2000s: Navigating global shifts in textile production, Merrow keeps its momentum by launching specialized machines for various applications, from medical sutures to garment detailing.

2006: As cited by the Patriot Ledger, Merrow introduces 'microsites', a digital leap forward for product branding in industrial manufacturing. This year also sees the company adopting the trademark 'The Stitch Matters', emphasizing the intricate detail and quality of their machines' work.

2009: Responding adeptly to the financial crisis, Merrow showcases its entrepreneurial spirit by building out 14 start-ups across diverse fields. One notable venture is the hydestore.com, a testament to the brand's adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

2010: A groundbreaking innovation, the ActiveSeam technology www.activeseam.com, is introduced. With its unique flat and stretchy stitch, it becomes an ideal fit for the booming athletic wear market.

2014: Recognizing the importance of hands-on experience for potential customers, Merrow establishes the Stitch Lab. This facility allows customers to experiment and confirm their stitch requirements before investing in a machine, underlining Merrow's commitment to client satisfaction.

2018: Expanding its horizons, Merrow acquires Griffin Manufacturing, a complete garment production company. Specializing in athleticwear and sportswear, Griffin offers comprehensive apparel services, ranging from design and product development to complete garment production, further enhancing Merrow's portfolio.

2020: Amidst a global health crisis, Merrow receives commendable national coverage on PBS Newshour among others: the Governor of Rhode Island hails the company as heroes. Demonstrating adaptability and civic responsibility, Merrow becomes the country's largest manufacturer of reusable medical gowns.

2021: In a strategic move, Merrow acquires Superior Sewing, an entity found at www.supsew.com. This acquisition strengthens Merrow's foothold in the textile machinery sector and broadens its operational capabilities.

2022: Furthering its dominance in the textile sector, Merrow acquires the historic Fall River Knitting Mills (www.merrowknits.com), adding another storied textile company to its family.

2023: With a goal to disrupt the supply chain for healthcare soft goods, Merrow introduces net-zero sustainable medical technical apparel, setting new industry standards for ESG & product design. Moreover, this year witnesses the launch of a new division focused on Direct to Consumer brands, illustrating the company's continuous evolution and commitment to sustainability and direct customer engagement.

Through nearly two centuries of operation, the Merrow Company has exemplified innovation, resilience, and a deep-seated commitment to quality. This timeline encapsulates its legacy, growth, and undeniable influence on the textile world.